Eryk Kulm International Quartet

The Eryk Kulm Quartet's unique sound comes from each member's deep knowledge, experience, and above all, abiding love of jazz music. It draws heavily from the language of the undisputed giants of the art form, such as Charlie Parker, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Horace Silver, but without resorting to mere imitation. In other words, this group doesn't sound like it's trying to play jazz, it is an authentic manifestation of the art at its highest level.

After receiving a scholarship to study at the world's most renowned jazz college - Berklee in Boston - in 1975, Eryk Kulm remained in the USA for a further fourteen years. He moved to New York, where he developed his craft by going to its source - playing, studying, listening, and talking to the greatest living exponents of the music. By doing this, he was able to reach a level that would otherwise have been impossible. Since then he has had great international success as a performer and bandleader. Eryk Kulm brings this wealth of experience to the bandstand every gig, not only with his hard-driving, always swinging drumming style, but also in his choice of band members. By seeking out other musicians who share his musical ideals, he has created a group that not only has a vast repertoire from which to draw, but is also greater than the sum of its parts. The result is freedom for the musicians - freedom from the constraints of a narrow set of constantly repeated compositions, and freedom to take the music anywhere they please, safe in the knowledge that the rest of the group will follow and support them. For the audience, this means that every Eryk Kulm performance is unique, an essential element in jazz.

Eryk Kulm - drums


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