"Eryk Kulm is a gentleman of great culture, not only that of musical character. Full of warm and gentle humor, yet at the same time he can be firm as steel. (...) Nowadays one rarely finds performers that truly have something to say."
Marcin Kydryński

"Quintessence remains a group of stars where it is not the individual members’ star status, but the group’s ideal harmony and omnipresent swing that are valued the highest."
Excerpt from Jazz Jamboree program

"With their spectacular swing, Quintessence attract listeners who are searching for joy in music and not necessarily jazz fans."

"I will remember the Eryk Kulm Quartet concert for Kulm’s unbelievable drive and ‘feeling’ that perfectly complemented the band’s sound. And that’s precisely it: this is a band and not just a group of haphazardly collected individuals. Everything in its right place. What a wonderful ending of the 2009 Sopot Molo Jazz Festival."
Marcin Kulwas
SMJF producer

"Virtuosity and elegance, a great big swinging heart – this is a nutshell description of Eryk Kulm and his music."
Grzegorz Obst
Zamo¶ć 2009 International Festival Director